About Us


“respitens.ca working together to facilitate respite options that empower individuals with differing abilities and their families to lead active and rewarding lives.”


“Creating Community Connections”

The guiding principles of respitens.ca are:

  • To develop a comprehensive respite system in Nova Scotia
  • To develop and maintain a coherent access process for families of children and adults requiring respite options.
  • To facilitate respite options for individuals that match their identified needs.
  • To work closely with service providers to advocate for appropriate service options to meet the needs identified.

Respite care is a family support service that promotes active living and provides temporary relief from the physical and emotional demands involved in caring for a family member who has a disability. Respite creates greater opportunities for all family members to live actively and participate in community activities and allows parents/guardians time for themselves.

Respite Access Facilitator

There is a Respite Access Facilitator for the Nova Scotia arm of respitens.ca. They will assist families in developing a respite plan to meet the needs of their children with developmental disabilities. They will provide families with information on respite services available within the province of Nova Scotia. Short-term coordination will be provided in order to overcome barriers to respite for these individuals.

Respite Supports and Navigation Services

The RSNS (Respite Supports and Navigation Services) is an integral part of respitens.ca. The RSNS aims to recruit a large base of workers interested in supporting persons with a disability* to provide meaningful respite opportunities through community based options.

respitens.ca website provides families, individuals and professionals with information and links to respite services in local communities across Ontario as well as Nova Scotia.

Information and links include:

  • Respite service providers and respite options
  • How to access respite services in local communities
  • Events and training opportunities
  • Funding sources

Funded and Supported by: Autism Nova Scotia

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